I Was Contacted By GenMill The Mother of a Unistar Model!

Dallas, Texas 1 comment

I was recently contacted by the Mother of model of Unistar who is very disgruntled.On other post she goes by Denise, Hickster, etc.

I have seen where rather than addressing her issues with the Agency, she decided to take a public forum and post negative information, of which I am totally disgusted. She is obviously a very disturbed individual with problems of her own. UniStar Talent has been very easy to work with and very professional. While it took a little longer than I expected, the photo shoot was great, my pictures very good and my zed cards turned out great.

I've been on just a few castings, but Elena told me up front it would be slow the first year.I highly recommend Unistar.

Review about: Unistar Model.



I was contacted by other UniStar models over the past few days that Denise Bring had contacted in an effort to get other negative postings about he agency.I too contacted the BBB about the complaint she says she made.

I and many other models have had no problems with Unistar and this lady (if you call her that) has fabricated so many things. It will be interesting about the BBB's final determination, but as far as I see, she will lose because of her misrepresentation of the facts.

It's really sad that people resort to such sick behavior.Go Unistar!

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